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External data protection officer

Privacy Praxis is one of the first consulting firms to provide External Data Protection Officers – commonly known as DPO as a service.

Nowadays many companies and organizations appoint their Data Protection Officer under certain conditions. For state-owned companies this measure is compulsory. Data Managers or subcontractors can either appoint an internal DPO or appoint and external DPO.

In both cases, DPOs must be able to demonstrate that they have the skills to carry out their missions correctly. In this respect we provide external DPOs as a service with the highest standards.


Fully customizable services

We provide customers with full packages or “per service” prices.

We can provide centralized DPO services for global firms or organizations.

DPOs perform the following missions :

DPO missions are stipulated in Article 39 of EU Regulations.

This article states Data Protection Officers should :

  • Inform and advise data processing managers or possible subcontractors and any employee who performs company’s data protection obligations
  • Monitor compliance with data protection laws and data protection internal rules in force within the company or within the subcontrator’s company. This includes any issue related to responsibilities distribution, awareness and training of staff involved in processing operations, and their resulting audits
  • Provide advisory services on request concerning data protection impacts and verify any implementation process pursuant to Article 35
  • Cooperate with Belgian and European authorities
  • Act as the contact person for supervisory bodies concerning data processing issues, including prior consultation under Article 36; and provide consulting services when appropriate on any other subject
  • When performing their missions Data Protection Officers should take into account all risks associated with data processing including their nature, scope, context and purpose.

Extra services we provide

  • GDPR compliance dahshboards
  • Internal and external communication policies
  • GDPR training sessions
  • Intelligence and advisory services concerning other rules and regulations.
  • Specifically, DPOs should be in the core of the system. He should be associated to any decision or any project which might impact privacy and data protection issues.

    DPOs ensure compliance with data protection rules and regulations, they should be considered as Internal Regulators of the company.

    They must therefore ensure legal compliance of data processing beyond simple advice and consultations.