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Judicial Expertise

Privacy Praxis also proposes a service of judicial expertise in the field of data protection and cyber security.

The judicial expert can be appointed by the judge or the public prosecutor when a particular case becomes quite technical for what concerns information security.

This appointment can also be done by private parties.

In Belgium, the role of the judicial expert is normed by the judicial code of Belgium. Jean-Pierre Heymans, expert in information security before the tribunals of Brussels and Wallonia is a member of the register of experts which will be soon be put online by the Home Minister.

His fields of expertise are wide, going from entreprise informatics, IT technology and communication. In particular, cyber security and data protection according to the GDPR.

Among the tasks we can accomplish within the civil and criminal proceedings:

1) Expertise in the field of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

2) Expertise in cyber security

3) Lawsuits in informatic fraud

4) Lawsuits in theft of identity

5) Lawsuits in case of theft or destruction of data

This list is only a sample of our expertise.