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Our mission

Our company has a long expertise in the field of information security. Our founder, Jean-Pierre Heymans, started his career within this field at the beginning of the 2000. Since several years, we guide our clients in their security projects in the technical aspects, process, governance as well as other aspects linked to the security of information. Our security experts have a recognized expertise within this field.

Europe has recently developed a new requirement for cybersecurity – the European directive requires companies to notify the cyber of the European Directive on the safety of networks and systems Information (SRI Directive) was adopted on 6 July 2016. This new directive, which will in principle be implemented in Belgium from May 2018, establishes new cyber security obligations for the Member States and certain companies. In this context we propose to help companies and/or organisations in the following fields:

  • Chief information Security Officer or CISO
  • Driving your Cybersecurity projects
  • Set up your governance policy for information security, we follow the ISO 2700s, NIST, etc.
  • Implementation of solutions to identify vulnerabilities in systems and applications, etc. In partnership with Qualys. Information Security Council.
  • Audit/risk Analysis of information systems drafting of the security policy (information security policies).
  • Development of general guidelines on physical security (e.g. physical access control) and environmental security (e.g. fire safety), but also access security (which has access to which business means).

This list is non-exhaustive