Advice and

legal advice

Thanks to its multidisciplinary team of experts, Privacy Praxis is able to advise you in many areas and support you in carrying out many tasks.

Privacy Praxis offers you its expertise in the following areas of intervention:

The appointment of a delegate for the protection of personal data (DPO);

The GDPR board;

The data protection audit and the risk assessment;

The privacy impact assessment (PIA);

Cloud computing;

The transfer of personal data abroad;


Awareness of data protection;

Management of contracts, whether with subcontractors, co-managers or isolated treatment managers;

The creation of data protection recommendations and guidelines;

The management of cookies;

Compliance with the EU-U.S Privacy Shield Agreement;

Privacy management for video surveillance;

The strategy for the management of personal data;

Access to SAAS, the software as a service.

Legal notice, expertise in data protection.

Jurisprudential and legislative update

The drafting of privacy policy or cookies

Data Transfer Contracts and Data Processing Contracts

Assessments of the need for impact analysis on data protection

Compliance audits

GDPR Training

Tips on email, mobile and social media marketing activities

Tips on creating and operating databases commercially

Notifications related to data protection, authorizations and disputes

Our GDPR advisory service guarantees you complete compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation, with ease and transparency.

What you dedicate to what really matters to you: your core business.

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