An audit consists of professional expertise to evaluate a process, the written procedures relating to it, their application and the identified managers.

Conducting audits has many benefits, including the ability to have a holistic view, help managers make the right decisions, and highlight different types of risks. This saves time, improves business management and increases the quality of services provided.

Privacy Praxis offers you the following audits:

gdpr security

GDPR Audit

Evaluation of your processes regarding the protection of personal data and their compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

gdpr security

Camera Audit and Physical Security

Evaluation of indoor and outdoor cameras, as well as measures implemented to ensure the physical security of your site.

gdpr security

Website Audit

Assessment of the security measures put in place and the compliance of the site with the various applicable regulations.

gdpr security

Cloud Audit

Determines whether the security of deployed personal data is sufficient for the cloud environment that you use.