GDPR Audit

Privacy Praxis has developed based on ISO 2700X a methodology to capture, in short time and without disruption of the activity of the company and organizations, the main elements to present a picture of the current situation and a state of play of GDPR compliance.

The impact assessment covers the following aspects:

Governance of computer security / data protection

IT risk assessment

Determination of treatments requiring a data protection impact analysis from the register

Data Protection Officer

Registry data

Awareness campaigns

Consent process

Data protection of the concerned individuals (internal or external)

Data protection mapping

Rights of individuals in data protection

Processing of personal data by third parties

Information Security Management System

Protection of privacy by design and by default

Situation of your entity accompanied by our recommendations and an action plan

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A GDPR Action Plan: How and Why

Assessing the GDPR situation of your organization is the first step in your compliance. It is based on this that Privacy Praxis offers you, then, a personalized action plan based on your needs and your means, which will allow you to reach your objectives quickly.

Why do an audit of the GDPR situation of your company?

Since the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation on 25 May 2018, the responsibility of the organizations has been strengthened. In fact, they must now ensure optimal data protection and be able to document and prove compliance with the said regulation.

In this context, it is essential to be able to assess the level of compliance of an organization in order to effectively implement the necessary measures.

That’s why Privacy Praxis offers you an audit of your organization to assess compliance with the GDPR, on the one hand, and offer you a simple and effective action plan, on the other hand.

In order to offer you a quality action plan, Privacy Praxis is based on the recommendations of the CNIL and organizes it around 6 key points:

The appointment of a person who will manage the governance of your organization's personal data

Identification of the priority actions to follow to comply with the GDPR

The identification of the processing of personal data and the inclusion thereof in a register

The organization, internally, of processes ensuring an effective personal data protection

Identification and risk management

The documentation necessary to prove your compliance with the rules