Privacy Praxis can also support you in the implementation of the General Regulations on Data Protection to support you more actively in the compliance of your entity.

We can support you in the following areas:

GDPR Compliance Audit

Regardless of the level of compliance of your entity, it is important to evaluate it in order to ensure compliance with the obligations of the GDPR, improve processes and reduce the risk of personal data breach.

Mapping of treatments

The processing register of personal data is the basis of GDPR compliance. Indeed, it is it that allows the data controller and the data protection officer to have a clear view of the treatments performed.

Setting up of an action plan

We can support you in identifying the GDPR priorities within your entity, in order to reduce the inherent risks and save you valuable time in the GDPR implementation. 

Audit and compliance of your websites

The compliance of websites is one of the challenges of the GDPR and although the legislation “E-Privacy” is not yet out, it is possible, from today to put you in compliance and prove to your web visitors that you value their privacy. 

Audit of subcontractors

As a controller, it is important to ensure that the subcontractors you have designated to process personal data comply with the regulations.

Template and deliverables

We can also support you in drafting documents related to the GDPR, be it a governance policy, GDPR clauses, information to the individuals concerned, the exercise of rights, recommendations, etc.

Staff awareness

The staff awareness, regardless of the hierarchy level, is the keystone of any GDPR compliance. We therefore offer customized training tailored to your needs and the public thereof.

Performing Data Protection Impact Analytics

The execution of impact analysis can be tedious and time-consuming, which is why Privacy Praxis offers to carry them out for you by directly questioning the staff concerned.

Recommendations and support for procedures relating to the exercise of the right of persons

The regulation emphasizing the protection of the rights of individuals, the execution and monitoring thereof, is obviously crucial. Privacy Praxis therefore offers to receive and process all applications relating to the exercise of the right of persons.

Recommendations and support for personal data breaches and their notification

Since personal data breaches require rapid risk analysis in order to be able to make the necessary notifications, Privacy Praxis provides its services in order to avoid any risk of exceeding the deadlines imposed by the GDPR. Namely 72 hours for notification to the data protection authority.

Software solution support

As part of GDPR compliance, the use of appropriate tools can be an asset. You must be able to identify which software suits you and your budget. Privacy Praxis offers you to identify your needs in order to submit the most relevant software.