CISO as a Service

Privacy Praxis offers you its services to help your organization to set up security audits, policies and procedures that you can anticipate and combat cybersecurity risks.

In an environment where IT security risks are evolving every day, Privacy Praxis has a multidisciplinary team specially dedicated to IT security management.

Thanks to our “as a Service” collaboration, your organization will benefit from seasoned experts with more than 10 years of experience as CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) to :

  • Work on 27001 certification ;
  • Implement action plans ;
  • Implement cybersecurity processes ;
  • Manage vulnerabilities ;
  • Provide training and awareness services ;
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Our “as a Service” plan will allow you to have access to a continuous service according to your security needs and your budget (from 2500€).

Come and meet our CISO team

Jean-Pierre Heymans

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