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Penetration Test

Our expertise at service of your security

Our Pentesters are professionals, passionate about information security. Our pentesters have participated to a number of vulnerability tests and participated to Bug Bounty programs proposed by well renown web companies. We daily exercise a number of of tests to maintain a high level of excellence in this field.


Penetration test (PENTEST) of your information system

1) Research of vulnerability of your network, infrastructure, applications

2) Complete testing

3) Simulation of cyber attack

4) Respect of standards (PASSI, ISO 27001, OWASP, NIST, PCI-DSS)

5) Our consultants are experts in test intrusion


We can offer assistance in the following fields:

1) Penetration test WIFI, VOIP

2) Application products such as heavy-duty, Web, mobile, Web services, whether they are home-designed or purchased (software and firmware).

3) Social engineering-includes particularly social engineering. For example, a malicious person could abuse the trust of an employee or an officer. It could also test a security guard, a member of the housekeeping staff, etc.

4) Test intrusion systems and networks test intrusion on Web applications

5) Test intrusion SAAS (Cloud computing) system ICS/SCADA Oracle database, SQL, virtualization platform (VMWARE, Hyper-V)

6) Etc……

We produce a complete and detailed report, with summary for the management and the more technical part that will be sent to the information security specialists.